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Carlos "Aidan" Puche
Aidan Puche

Aidan Puche

I'm a dynamic person, extrovert, methodic, communicative and social. I've the capacity fast learn, high capacity of integration in different environment, and work in condition of high pressure. Dreamer and enterprising.

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Web Design, Videogames, infographics, App programming, Owner of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, i created worlds that you can discovered and sense. 3D Delta Printer build my self, 200mm build zone with 300mm of height. 0,2mm to 0,5mm nozzle. PLA, ABS, Nylon, Wood...



A tecnology lover. I wish a world more easy, accessible and confortable for everyone. Tecnology can provide us all of this. With new forms to make things as 3D Printers, new ways to bring up worlds in virtual reallity. I like be part of this change to the world and all the people.

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if you like send me your projects, offers, gifts or insult me (really is free), contact me and if i can, i'll help you.

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